Orgosolo Experience with shepherd’s lunch

Difficulty: Easy | Duration: 8.5 hours
An excursion from the discovery of Orgosolo, a village-museum of the Supramonte, renowned for its priceless natural and cultural heritage. Let yourself be amazed by the historic murals, by the limestone heels of its nearby mountains and by a visit to the sheepfold where you can have lunch with the shepherd, in the name of the truest traditions of an ancient land.

OFF ROAD 4×4 TOUR: Orosei with Dinner in the Vineyard

Difficulty: Easy | Duration: 6 hours
A food and wine experience in the vineyard that begins with a naturalistic and historical itinerary, first to Monte Tuttavista and then to the Nuraghe Gulunie di Osalla. A must for those who want to enjoy the views, but also the culture of Sardinia.