Orgosolo Experience with shepherd’s lunch

Difficulty: Easy | Duration: 8.5 hours
An excursion from the discovery of Orgosolo, a village-museum of the Supramonte, renowned for its priceless natural and cultural heritage. Let yourself be amazed by the historic murals, by the limestone heels of its nearby mountains and by a visit to the sheepfold where you can have lunch with the shepherd, in the name of the truest traditions of an ancient land.

OFFROARD 4×4 TOUR: Biderosa Oasis and Capo Comino Excursion

Difficulty: Easy | Duration: 8 hours
The ideal tour for those who love the green and immense blue of Sardinia: the exploration by 4×4 off-road vehicle starts from the protected oasis of Biderosa, 860 hectares of woods and Mediterranean scrub overlooking an emerald sea. Birdwatching, breathtaking views and beaches ideal for everyone.

Trekking to Monte Irveri

Difficulty: Experts | Duration: 7 hours
An excursion in the territories of Orosei and Dorgali to enjoy extraordinary landscapes characterized by cliffs overlooking a crystalline sea. A day to discover the nature of Sardinia and its agro-pastoral culture. Without forgetting a nice refreshing dip.

Trekking in the Gorropu Canyon

Difficulty: Medium | Duration: 8 hours
The fascinating Canyon of Gorroppu hides in the wild Supramonte of Urzulei and Orgosolo. One of the deepest canyons in Europe came to life from the bed of the Flumineddu river, full of charm for its narrow paths along rocky walls that rise up to 500 meters.

Trekking Oasis of Biderosa

Difficulty: Medium/Easy | Duration: 8 hours
The ideal trek for those who want to discover the enchanting north coast of the Gulf of Orosei, the most precious pearl of the Orosei coast. The unique ecosystem of the Biderosa Oasis makes it an unmissable experience during your holiday in Sardinia.

Trekking to Mount Tiscali

Difficulty: Medium/Easy | Duration: 8 hours
Monte Tiscali is set in the marvelous natural context of the Lanaitho Valley where you can discover treasures of inestimable naturalistic, historical and archaeological value.

Trekking Cala Luna

Difficulty: Medium | Duration: 8 hours
Cala Luna is one of the icons of the Gulf of Orosei and reaching it with a trek on foot is certainly an exciting experience to be fully experienced. A day dedicated to nature and crystalline sea in one of the most pristine beaches of Sardinia.